jeudi 9 avril 2009

Moisturising Cream Mask - 50ml
RRP : £21

What the promo says:

"A true moisture bath for the skin! This mask, which can be used to replace your cream, deeply rehydrates the thirstiest skin and allows it to defend itself more effectively against harsh environmental conditions. For all dry and very dry skin in need of an ultra-moisturizing, regenerating and soothing skincare product."

Why I bought this product: I bought this following my ‘Caudalie Experience Day’, held at my local pharmacie in France.

Packaging: As this product is part of the VINOSOURCE range, it comes in a white box with the signature silver grape logo, mauve lid and mauve band around the base. The tube containing the Vinosource cream mask resembles that of the Vinosource Riche cream and is a pretty light pink colour embossed with the silver grape logo with CAUDALIE written in green and 'Vinosource in mauve.

Application: The cream should be applied to a perfectly clean face and neck 2 to 3 times a week. The instructions say that you should allow it to penetrate and rinse away any excess product after 15 minutes. However, my 'Vinotherapist' told me that my skin would probably soak it all up in that time and she was right. I much prefer the idea of a cream that slowly blends in to the alternative of applying something whereby you have to hide in the bathroom in the fear that someone might spot you looking like a ghoul, with some ghastly concoction smeared over your face, counting the seconds to when you can rinse it off! I tend to do my face treatment first at night and, by the time I am ready to emerge into the bedroom the cream has disappeared. My husband likes the smell. Always a bonus....

In case of very dehydrated skin or extreme climates, this cream can be applied in a fine layer to replace your day cream creating a protective shield against the elements.

Appearance/Texture: Smooth and silky, it goes on well and rapidly penetrates the skin.

Scent: The cream contains grape-seed oil, essential oils of sweet lime, lemon, orange, hybrid lavender, coriander, vetiver, wild guaiac wood and sandalwood. No wonder it smells so good!

Short term/long term effects: Skin looks smoother instantly. I think the most stunning thing I have to say about this treatment combined with Vinosource Riche cream is that MY HUSBAND COMMENTED ON MY SMOOTH SKIN about a week or so after I had been following the beauty programme. Such a thing is rare, I am sure all women would agree. He asked me at breakfast one day how I felt after my 'Caudalie day' and whether I was pleased with the products....and when I asked why he had asked the question, he replied that he had noticed a difference in the quality of my skin tone. NEED I SAY MORE?!

Value for Money: Used just twice a week, the 50ml tube lasts a long time because only a small amount of the product is needed to cover the face and neck. A small amount seems to go a long way and I have the impression that I apply quite a thick layer. I have been using my tube for a month now and it is nowhere near finishing yet.

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